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Kids Surf Camps
Ventura, California: July 15-19 - August 5-9

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Come enjoy the waves with our seasoned surf pros at Little Earth Surf camp. Book 1 week or both weeks and let the fun in the sun begin!​


Day 1: The Ocean: currents, swells, tides, seasons, wildlife, healthy respect and how we can learn from and care for the ocean.    

We will start the day with a walk along the shoreline to see what kinds of things are carried by the sea and brought to our shoreline sometimes from hundreds of miles to rest on our coastline.  We will look at ocean current maps, explore pictures of different ocean ecosystems from local to tropical, look at tide charts that show the lunar cycles and how it correlates to tidal changes.  We will learn about water safety, surfing etiquette, and how we can safely enjoy surfing based on our personal experience, comfort levels and abilities.  


Day 2: The Pacific Ocean: Different shaped coastlines and how create the perfect wave shoreline shapes and ocean floors that create vastly different shaped waves, the history of surfing, different forms of riding waves, we will talk about each children's individual experience and comfort level with water, water sports, the ocean, we will talk about healthy fears personal limits and the best times to enjoy the waves and when it’s best to stay on the beach.

Today we will start the day looking and talking about the different oceans and what we might need to surf in different places and temperatures of water.  We will talk about the Pacific Ocean and how it stretches from the Gulf of Alaska to the Antarctic Circle. We will handle different wetsuits and boards to find the proper fitting equipment for each child who is ready to get into the water (based on the weather and child’s preference) We will learn balance and use the Inboards on carpet pieces to practice balancing.  We will learn the pop-up method, the eggbeater kick/treading water, and stretches and exercises that will quicken going from a prone to standing position on a real board on the sand. 


Day 3: Surfing: Surfing and water play equipment, proper preparation to safely enjoy the ocean, the buddy system, identifying safe beginner waves to surf and more powerful advanced waves, the fundamentals of safely enjoying water sports, group buddy system safety calls and the “I’m OK” call sign/hand sign, watching out for your fellow surf explorer using all our water safety techniques.

Today we will start by practicing our pop-ups and do pop-up relay races to warm up before getting in the water we will put on our wetsuits and get used to the restrictive suit by doing some basic stretching to correctly prepare for a session of surfing.  (Swell and tide permitting) We will assign buddies and start the day with a group trust dive.  Starting off holding hands in a circle in ankle deep water progressing to waist deep water, at each depth each child will reach down grabbing handfuls of sand with the encouragement and support of the other explorers.  We will practice the eggbeater kick and practice it while sitting on the shoreline and in chest deep water, (if swells permit),  For the rest of the day groups of 2 to 4 kids will begin riding waves on their bellies and progressing to popping up when they feel the wave begin to carry them to the shore.


Day 4: Paddling, sitting on and turning the board using the eggbeater kick 

Today we will warm up in our suits with a pop-up relay and a basic yoga inspired stretching session and a trust dive to test our abilities, progressing to chest deep water.  Practicing breathing techniques for paddling, and going underwater.  Learning to breathe out of the nose while going underwater as we reach for handfuls of sand.  We will practice paddling and learn and practice the proper way to go over or under incoming waves, the duck dive, and the turtle, with teacher support.


Day 5: Surf contests, celebrating the ocean, beach comb clean up, review of all fundamentals of surfing, surf contest!  Photos/Videos of kids surfing

We will start the day with a walk along the shore to show our appreciation for the ocean, and cleaning up as much trash as we can on our walk.  We will talk about things we can do everyday to care for the ocean, from recycling all plastic, never littering as most trash on the street finds its way to the ocean, then we will have a free surf for the morning in groups and end the day with a surf contest complete with handmade driftwood trophies. 

Possible special Lunch, Pizza, fish tacos, Burgers, (whatever is most convenient). 

Things to bring: A good attitude, sunscreen, swimsuit, a warm change of clothes, lunch, water, a clean beach towel, )Recommended items if your child has fear of, or no experience putting their head underwater): life vest, (Preferably Coast guard approved) 


The flat rate for each week of camp is 395 USD

For any questions don't hesitate to contact us at

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